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St.Mary's School, Chaura Road
Sanaur-147 103, Patiala,
Punjab India.
Ph: 0175 2651644, 2651088

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St. Mary’s School

Middle School: 

We aim at creating a sense of confidence and intellectual maturity in the approach of every middle class student. They inculcate this academic pursuit with great vibrancy and enthusiasm. Certainly one of the hallmarks of a St. Mary’s education is the emphasis on effective spoken and written communication—and to be sure, this happens across the curriculum. But we are also making non-traditional learning opportunities available to our 21st century students.

Lower Primary:

Our goal for the Primary School is to nurture the children in all dimensions of their life – Spiritual, Moral, Cognitive, Emotional, Imaginative, Aesthetic, Social and Physical. The curriculum incorporates child-cantered principles and embraces new approaches and methodologies. It is activity-based and experiential in nature. It emphasizes the importance of Literacy, Innumeracy and Language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in Science and Technology, Social and Health Education and Citizenship. The children are best in a nurturing environment which is safe, joyful and intellectually stimulating. The curriculum is a vehicle for discovery and is designed to help the children develop an understanding of themselves as individuals and as members of a global community.

High School:

In keeping with the mission of St. Mary’s, the Upper School strives to provide a superior educational experience for our students while encouraging and enabling each student to reach his/her individual potential. We provide an academically rigorous curriculum while simultaneously going beyond the classroom walls to provide “real life” experiences. As they become lifelong learners, the students are encouraged to think critically, creatively, and independently.

The Upper School students are fully engaged in an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, spiritual growth, honour, trust, and a respect for diversity. As a result of the numerous academic, athletic, artistic, musical, and community-service opportunities available, our students become confident leaders who have a positive influence on their community.

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