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We realize that selecting a school for your child is an important decision. Our goal is to make sure that every prospective family has the opportunity to learn about St. Mary’s so that you feel equipped to make a confident decision when choosing your ward’s school.
If you have questions about St. Mary’s or the admission process, feel free to contact our office at 0175 2651644, 2651088.
For any queries regarding admissions, please contact our office by mail or phone. We are here to guide you through the process.

Rules of Admission

1. The school is open to all boys and girls irrespective of caste, creed, colour or social status.
2. Normally admission is made only to L.K.G. and Class I and that is based on merit. Admission to other classes depends on vacancies available, and is also based on tests in the standard immediately below that for which admission is sought.
3. Signatures of both parents must be affixed to the admission form and either signature will be valid for all transactions while the candidate continues to be in Saint Mary’s School. Signing of the admission form constitutes an undertaking by the parents that they will abide by the rules governing the school contained in this hand-book or amended later. Rules are subjected to change at the discretion of the school management.
4. For the purpose of admission parents and guardians are requested to submit:
a) Photostat copy of the original date of birth certificate along with admission form.
b) Two passport size photos of the child (Front view).
c) Child’s Photo with father and mother.
d) Registration done for any particular year is not transferable to other years.
e) It may be noted that registration does not guarantee admission.
f) Admissions are made entirely on the basis of merit.
g) The management reserves to itself the right of admission without having to give any reason or explanation.
h) After admission, if the documents furnished at the time of admission are found false, then the admission will be cancelled.
i) At all levels of admission, school transport is independent of admissions.
j) The principal is the final authority in all matters of admission to the school. He reserves the right of refusing admission without assigning any reason for doing so.
k) One may consider himself admitted only after payment of all fees required at the time of admission. Subsequent withdrawals, or non attendance on the required day will mean the cancellation of the admission and no refund will be considered.
l) Generally admission is made only to L.K.G. and Class I respectively. In case the school admits children to other classes, admission to the school is restricted by certain Policies of the management and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct. Hence applicants for admission will be tested and admitted in the standard they are found fit.