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Foot ball:

St.Mary’s School is having a very good court for foot ball. The school teams are doing regular practices.


St.Mary’s school has got a very good basket ball court. The school is also having teams for both boys and girls junior and senior wise.

Volley ball:

Volleyball at School is a discipline of education, which involves the cultural and teaching methods of each country. The teacher uses the various elements of Volleyball in order to stimulate the coordination, learning and social development of children and the group/class. Our school has got volley ball court and we give special coaching in it.

Table tennis:

All it takes is a tiny bit of interest, an interest that will undoubtedly later blossom into a great love for the sport of table tennis. The popularity of these events proves that table tennis has an outstanding aptitude for growth. This awareness has enabled us to avail training on table tennis.

Physical activity engaged in as a child can encourage fitness throughout the lifespan. Moreover, psychological dynamics associated with seeking and maintaining health, especially in the schools, are of utmost importance. The management has introduced various sports activities as a preventive measure that reduces health risk factors in children. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for Co-curricular activities. We impart coaching in the other field games.